ITC Rounds On Trochoidal Milling Strategies With New 5031 Series

19 March 2019

ITC Rounds On Trochoidal Milling Strategies With New 5031 Series

With trochoidal milling being the buzzword among the cutting tool fraternity, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) Ltd has now expanded the already unrivalled section of its 2019 product catalogue that is dedicated to this machining process.

For engineers less familiar with the process, Issue 14 of the ITC product catalogue identifies the benefits and potential savings that can be achieved with trochoidal milling. This is followed by an extremely comprehensive line of applicable products that will deliver astounding results using the trochoidal machining process.

To complement trochoidal milling benchmark 5021 Series, the UK manufacturer has now launched its new 5031 Series of square-end and corner radius 5-flute end mills. This Cupro coated stub length end mill has been introduced to build-upon the already staggering rigidity and success of the existing 5021 Series.

The new 5031 Series is available in diameters from 3 to 16mm. The rigid and robust 5031 has an overall length from 40mm to 72mm with a length of cut from 7 to 24mm. This reduced shank and flute length eliminates vibration and vastly improves machining performance on high material removal applications. These benefits are underpinned by the harmonic flute geometry that improves chip evacuation and extends tool life. ITC has also introduced the 5031 Series with an extensive range of corner radii of each diameter.

The smallest 3, 4 and 5mm diameter tools now include a 0.25 and 0.5mm corner radius whilst the 6mm tool adds a 0.75 and 1mm radius. For the 8, 10, 12, and 16mm tools, the diameter increments above 1mm increase in 0.5mm increments all the way up to a 4mm radius on the 16mm tool.

This optimised geometry combines with the sub-micron carbide substrate and the extremely wear resistant Cupro coating to deliver reduced torque and load on the machine tool. This is credit to a smooth cutting action that improves swarf evacuation and reduces the temperature during machining. The composition of the 5031 Series makes it the tool of choice for machining steel and exotic materials that inherently increase the temperature and stress on the cutting tool.

The issue of high-temperatures and machining load are a thing of the past with the 5031 Series as its harmonic flute geometry and centre cutting action guarantee a consistent chip thickness as well as a constant delivery of torque through the spindle.

ITC Rounds On Trochoidal Milling Strategies With New 5031 Series

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